*takes a deep breath*

One month remains until the release of An Ocean of Others.

I can hardly believe it! This book has been years in the making – the fact that I'll be able to share it with all of you so soon has me buzzing with energy. Energy that's much needed, I should add, because I've got a ton of work left to do this month!

Final, final, final proofreads. Merch design. Marketing research and preparation. Readying another giveaway. The items filling my To Do list are multifarious (I've always wanted to use that word). Not to mention I also have to write ~25,000 words this month for Grave of the Waiting to stay on track. Oh, and there's the small matter of my wedding coming up in September. Life is turned up to 11 right now, and it shows no signs of dialing back.

So, thank you for your support. Knowing I've got all of you at my back really does keep me going. That's one of the reasons you're all getting a digital copy of An Ocean of Others on launch day, in case you didn't know that already. Spread the word: a mailing list signup is as good as a pre-order!

Early Chapters

If you don't want to wait until the release to jump in, you're in luck! I've already posted the first three chapters here on the website. You can read them here:

Chapter 1 - The Last Bounty Hunter
Chapter 2 - Lives of Luxury
Chapter 3 - Haze

The fourth and fifth chapters will be up in the weeks ahead, so everyone can get a taste of the story before September 6. If you do take the time to read the early chapters, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Early Reviews

Several of you have already read the entire book, in fact, and kindly left some great reviews. Here are some quotes that gave me all the feels:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Goodreads: Connor Daley (CJDsCurrentRead)’s review of An Ocean of Others
⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Goodreads: Abel Montero’s review of An Ocean of Others
⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on Goodreads: NC Koussis’s review of An Ocean of Others

I'm so grateful to all of you who have dedicated your time to reading an ARC from a totally untested author. Thank you for taking the risk and for sharing your honest thoughts. Reviews are without a doubt the most useful resource I have to spread the word and get this book into the hands of readers who (hopefully) love it as much as you did.

Physical ARC Winners

Speaking of getting the book into the hands of readers, the Physical ARC Giveaway has wrapped up and ten people have been chosen to receive an early copy of the paperback:

Congratulations to all the winners! All of the books have been shipped, and while international shipping is even slower than I hoped, those in the US have already received their copies.

It's so cool seeing the book out in the wild, on bookshelves other than my own. There's something so gratifying about seeing years of work come to fruition. It makes me even more excited for release day. Won't be long now!

Until then, I had better get back to whittling down this list of remaining tasks. So, that's it for this month's update. As always, thanks for reading!