Humanity's extinction is just around the corner, Ada Bryce is sure of it. When the Chain's virtual reality is indistinguishable from real life, why not choose to remain shackled? It's easy to put Earth's slow decay out of mind when distracting simulations are available with no more than a thought. Struggling to find purpose in this collapsing world, all Ada can do is make sure her own family's energy needs are taken care of until death inevitably claims everyone she loves.

Only, she's failing as a mathematician, she's already failed as a mother, and she's given up trying to escape the tragic memories that haunt her. So, when she's offered the chance to leave Earth while ensuring her family has the energy they need to survive, Ada seizes it and embarks on a dangerous mission. She travels to a rogue planet with four other volunteers: an Energy War veteran, a zealous psychonaut, a no-nonsense scientist, and the world-renowned founder of the Unity, the organization sponsoring the mission.

However, the Unity's founder is far from trustworthy. The rest of Ada's crew are unaware of the true purpose of their mission. And on this journey, they will learn that Earth is far from the worst place in the solar system. As firmly as Ada believes her home planet is beyond saving, it may be worth fighting for after all, for when she and her fellow crewmates step foot on a new planet, their presence awakens old life.

Life that calls out and seeks to reconfigure the Earth for itself.

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