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To Burn All Belief

Second Dance of the Sibling Suns
Cover art & design by Felix Ortiz & Shawn T. King


To Burn All Belief is available for pre-order! You can also sign up to download an ARC to read the book a month early. In the meantime, I'll be working on finalizing the paperback and getting this book ready for full release. The end is in sight!

Follow along with the publication process on my Sibling Suns 2 | Trello board.


Seeing is not believing when your eyes belong to them.

As the newly risen and fiercely determined Head of the Agency, Grim must unite the squabbling factions of Liwokin to save the city from the evolving Benefactor threat. But bad blood runs deep in the city and Grim struggles with his own descent into madness. How can he save his home when he’s not even certain he can save himself?

Lorelay returns home to the capital of the Bright Empire, where she must convince the future Emperor to aid the Agency in the fight against the infested. With the Emperor's interest piqued by her beauty and wit, she traverses a dangerous game of politics and passion — all while struggling with the grief of losing her brother.

Garret and Sentyx journey to the exotic Peeker Mounds hunting for Prost, the insidious stranger who unleashed Benefactors on the land. Garret needs all the help he can get while they track their quarry, but he also must tread cautiously. A Skardwarf cannot be trusted. Betrayal is only a matter of time. The only question is: who will betray whom first?

As characters’ paths converge and the future of the Bright Empire hangs on the actions of Grim and his allies, the stage is set for a symphony of war and intrigue in the Second Dance of the Sibling Suns.

Grave of the Waiting

Alien meets The Matrix in this first contact sci-fi horror set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world
Outline 100%
Drafted 100%
Published 55%


Grave of the Waiting is currently on hiatus, but you can find all released chapters here.

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Humanity's extinction is just around the corner, Ada Bryce is sure of it. When virtual reality is indistinguishable from reality and anything is possible in the Chain, why not choose to remain shackled? It's easy to put Earth's slow decay out of mind when hedonic simulations are available with no more than a thought. As contemptible as her reality is, Ada is powerless to correct human folly. All she can do is make sure her own family's energy needs are taken care of until death inevitably claims everyone she loves.

Only, she's failing as a mathematician, she's already failed as a mother, and she's given up trying to escape the tragic memories that haunt her. So, when she's offered the chance to leave Earth while ensuring her family has the energy they need to survive, Ada seizes it and embarks on a dangerous mission. She travels to a rogue planet with four other volunteers: an Energy War veteran, a zealous psychonaut, a no-nonsense scientist, and the world-renowned founder of the Unity, the organization sponsoring the mission.

However, the Unity's founder is far from trustworthy, the rest of Ada's crew are unaware of the true purpose of their mission, and on this journey, they will learn that Earth is far from the worst place in the solar system. As firmly as Ada believes her home planet is beyond saving, it may be worth fighting for after all, for when she and her fellow crewmates step foot on a new planet, their presence awakens old life.

Life that calls out and seeks to reconfigure the Earth for itself.

Sibling Suns 3

Last Dance of the Sibling Suns
Outline 0%


The finale (hopefully!) in the Dance of the Sibling Suns series. As I worked on the second book, this one has slowly taken shape in the form of scattered notes and unfulfilled promises made by its predecessors. Lots of work to be done, but I have the broad strokes of the story in my head. Just need to get it down on paper, work out the details, and start drafting!