A Different Light

Inac, apprentice to the Sage of the Sea Pot Isle, struggles to control the sacred magic, Archefire, and unleashes a creature of Dark upon the island he calls home. While trying to stop the creature from hurting any Seafolk, Inac discovers a dangerous secret: the true nature of Archemagic.

A Way to Wake

Lorelay is sick of playing the Twelve Songs sanctioned by the Church of Light. In Paceeq's stagnating capital city, only a rebellious musician can wake the Paceeqi from their slumber.

The Weight of Survival

In the lush stormjungles of Eko, Garret dreams of studying the wilds. Instead, kidnapped and forced into a life of brutal banditry, Garret does what he must to stay alive. When a simple ambush goes wrong, he’ll learn who stands in the way of his survival.

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