I've been waiting a long time for this! Felix Ortiz and Shawn T. King collaborated once again to deliver a stunning piece of cover art for To Burn All Belief. I'm incredibly proud of this second installment in the Dance of the Sibling Suns series, and I can't wait to put it in your hands...

So I won't!

Sign up for an eARC and you'll receive a download pretty much immediately. As fast as you can click a link, anyway! Before you leave to go get your copy — I know, I know, you're excited, but this'll only take a minute! — I should let you know:

To Burn All Belief will be released on June 4th, 2024.

It's also available for pre-order on KDP right now! (June 4th is my birthday, by the way. You know what would make a really good early birthday present? 😉)

Now feast your eyes on this glorious cover art and get excited! I know I am!

Seeing is not believing when your eyes belong to them.

As the newly risen and fiercely determined Head of the Agency, Grim must unite the squabbling factions of Liwokin to save the city from the evolving Benefactor threat. But bad blood runs deep in the city and Grim struggles with his own descent into madness. How can he save his home when he’s not even certain he can save himself?

Lorelay returns home to the capital of the Bright Empire, where she must convince the future Emperor to aid the Agency in the fight against the infested. With the Emperor's interest piqued by her beauty and wit, she traverses a dangerous game of politics and passion — all while struggling with the grief of losing her brother.

Garret and Sentyx journey to the exotic Peeker Mounds hunting for Prost, the insidious stranger who unleashed Benefactors on the land. Garret needs all the help he can get while they track their quarry, but he also must tread cautiously. A Skardwarf cannot be trusted. Betrayal is only a matter of time. The only question is: who will betray whom first?

As characters’ paths converge and the future of the Bright Empire hangs on the actions of Grim and his allies, the stage is set for a symphony of war and intrigue in the Second Dance of the Sibling Suns.

Massive thanks to Felix and Shawn for blowing my expectations out of the water yet again! Those guys are some of the best in the industry, and I'll forever be grateful they chose to work with a little indie author like me. 🙏